Standards Based Valuation Reports

PropertyPRO Plus Mortgage Reports are industry standard and fully compliant with PropertyPRO Supporting Memorandum 2020. We are collaborating with the API to provide more standardised reports in Mortgage & Non-mortgage space.

Online Access From Anywhere & Any Device

PropertyPRO Plus is a cloud based application that can be accessed from anywhere provided there is an internet connection. Modern responsive design adapts to the host device so can be used on most devices that run modern browsers including tablets and smart phones with connectivity to internet.

Easy Online Subscription Or Custom Pricing

PropertyPRO Plus provides flexible pricing with Monthly and Annual plans to suit most Val Firms. For low usage Val Firms, there is the option for Voucher based subscription.

If the available online plans do not fit your requirement, contact us for Custom Pricing.

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More Features Added Continuously

Striving to provide a comprehensive & easy to use system that covers everything a Valuation Firm or a Valuer in the Field requires. We are continuously adding new report templates, more software & toolset integrations and new application features to improve productivity.

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Modern Web Application

PropertyPRO+ is a modern web based application that has been developed from ground up to provide clean modern design and rich user experience. It has been designed and tested to work flawlessly on multiple device platforms including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Fully Integrated with ValEx

The PropertyPRO+ software will provide full integration with the ValEx platform via webservices packets. This includes receiving and accepting new jobs, seamless workflow integration and submitting the completed jobs back to clients via ValEx.  All this is achieved without leaving the PropertyPRO+ software platform. Valuers can choose to receive instant SMS & email notifications for new jobs and workflow status changes.

Endorsed by API

The PropertyPRO+ software platform has been developed in consultation with the Australian Property Institute (API) specifically to undertake residential mortgage valuations in accordance with the PropertyPRO Supporting Memorandum (PPSM) and restricted assessments undertaken in accordance with the Restricted Assessment Supporting Memorandum (RASM).  The product is endorsed by the API.

Overtime further report formats for differing purposes will be developed under instructions of the API to support other areas of property valuation such as residential long form reports for mortgage purposes, and non-mortgage reports for varying purposes including, but not limited to, pre-purchase advice, pre-sale advice, stamp duty, tax reconciliation purposes, mortgagee in possession realisation purposes  and retrospective valuations. Non-mortgage kerbside assessments and desktop assessments for varying purposes are also in the pipeline.

Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

PropertyPRO+ platform provides you with the tools and technology to perform daily tasks as a Valuation Firm. You can log new jobs manually or receive jobs from panel management systems without leaving the application, search and copy old jobs, create and import sales evidence or invoice your clients from within the application if you want. With more software integrations in the pipeline including accounting software integrations and data collectors, PropertyPRO+ aims to provide a complete package to fulfill requirements of Valuation Firms of all sizes.



Built & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Property Pro is a modern web application that has been built and tested to work on all major devices that run Web Browsers . Whether used on Desktop , Laptop , Tablet or Smart Phone , PropertyPro Plus’ clever responsive design renders itself to the host device layout and dimension without compromising functionality of the application .

PropetyPro Plus supports latest version of all major Web Browsers including Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge .

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PropertyPRO Online in new hands

PropertyPRO Online in new hands

The API has chosen Sydney based IT company, PropertyPRO Technology Pty Ltd as their preferred provider for the software platform, PropertyPRO Online.  PropertyPRO Technology are...

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PropertyPRO 2020 Resources finalised

PropertyPRO 2020 Resources finalised

The API Standards Team, with the support of the Residential Standards sub-Committee have finalised the PropertyPRO Supporting Memorandum (PPSM) document and the associated output reports.

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